What things mean

There is lots of jargon in the world of care! Find out more below.

Where someone will speak on your behalf and express your views.

An independent person who is there to represent you (see NYAS, below).

The people you live with and who look after you as if you were their own child.

Care Order
This is when a Judge makes the decision that you need to be in care.

Care Plan
Says what needs to be done to care for you and who should do it.

A place that listens and decides the best way to keep you safe. If you are going to court then you should get a Guardian (see Guardian, below).

Emergency Protection Order
If it isn’t safe for you at home, a court may give the local authority the job of being your parent.

A person who takes your views into a court and talks to the Judge if you’re not allowed in court.

Independent Review
A meeting to look at your Care Plan and make sure it is still right for you.

Independent visitor
Someone who can be your friend, who you can talk to and share interests and hobbies with (see NYAS below).

Local Authority
Another name for the Council. Every local authority has a Children’s Services team who look after children and their families.

National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS)
An independent organisation who can help voice your views, wishes and feelings about issues that are important to you.

Pathway Plan
You get this at 16, and it says what you want for the future.

Personal Education Plan (PEP)
This plan says what needs to happen for you to get the best out of school.

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