Moving to Bucks

I have just moved to Bucks and I have an EHC plan from where I used to live. What do I do?

Bucks SEND IAS Service has information to help you understand the process and timelines around moving from one local authority to another. You can visit the Bucks SEND IAS Service website for more information.

If you have just moved to Bucks with an EHC plan from another local authority, Bucks SEND IAS Service may be able to help.  We can give you information about what to expect – for example, what Buckinghamshire Council has to do and by when, where you should be going to school, and when your plan will be reviewed.  And if the process doesn’t go according to plan, we may be able to help you by putting you in touch with the right people, helping you to make a complaint, or attend meeting with you.

Contact SEND IAS

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