Youth Voice Champions

Youth Voice Champions are volunteers from across services. They work together to develop opportunities for young people to have their say within their areas, to make sure that services work well for young people.

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The Champions’ mission for participation

Youth Participation Champions identify opportunities for youth participation within their service areas and commit to offering these opportunities to young people. This might include, for example:

  • setting up youth interview panels
  • getting young people involved in designing spaces
  • noticing themes and issues that young people are raising and taking action

How the champions work


The Champions represent different services – e.g.

  1. the Youth Offending Service
  2. the Family Support Service
  3. the Children in Care Team
  4. the Missing and Exploitation hub

They meet regularly to:

  1. Create opportunities to engage with young people
  2. Discuss barriers that prevent youth engagement
  3. Share learning about impactful engagement

They provide young people with opportunities – e.g.

  1. Interviewing staff
  2. Attending meetings
  3. Shadowing staff
  4. Advising on services

Interested in becoming a Champion?


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