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Youth Voice Bucks is managed by a team in Buckinghamshire Council.

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What we do

Youth Voice Bucks has been created by Buckinghamshire Council.
It brings together opportunities for young people to have their say, information for professionals, and examples of good participation work.
Our mission for young people is clear: we will listen to you, act on your views and then tell you what difference you have made.

The Youth Participation Strategy

In May 2022, Buckinghamshire Council launched its first Youth Participation Strategy.

You can read the Youth Participation Strategy by clicking on the buttons below. There is a main version and a version for young people.

View the Youth Participation Strategy

View the Young People’s Version of the Youth Participation Strategy

The mission of the strategy is for everyone working with young people in Buckinghamshire to listen, act and respond to young people’s views.

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We will listen to your views, making sure we offer inclusive and creative opportunities.

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We will act on your feedback and ideas to make sure the opportunities, services and support we offer work for young people.

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We will respond to your views and be transparent about what we have done as a result.


We commit to offering you participation and involvement opportunities as part of a continual process, not just a one-off event. 

Our 3 rules of engagement

Youth Voice Bucks and the Youth Participation Strategy set out 3 rules of engagement for professionals to follow.
The 3 rules
 ensure we engage with young people ethically and authentically. 


Rule 1

We will not ask you to do something we would not do ourselves. 


Rule 2

When we ask you to help develop services, we give you tools and skills to make sure you can do so to the best of your ability.


Rule 3

We only engage with you when we have a clear plan about how we will listen to you, act on what you have told us, and then tell you what difference you have made.  

Who we are

Youth Voice Bucks has a core staff team that work for Buckinghamshire Council.

Krissie – Youth Participation Coordinator
Louise – Team Leader, Specialist Participation Team
Hollie – Youth Participation Worker (Young people with SEND)
Carol – Youth Participation Worker (Care-experienced young people) 
Angel – Youth Participation Officer

The team works with other professionals in Buckinghamshire Council and partner organisations to create, deliver, and join up opportunities for young people to share their voice.

The Specialist Participation Team

Louise, Hollie, Carol and Angel are the Specialist Participation Team. They run the following projects:

We Do Care logo

We Do Care

We Do Care ensures that the voice of care-experienced children and young people is heard and acted on. We Do Care also run fun and engaging activities that help care-experienced children and young people grow their confidence and social skills.

We Do Care

Shout Out for SEND

Shout out for SEND (SOFS) is for young people with a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND). It gives you the chance to have your say on issues that matter and make a difference to the lives of other children and young people receiving SEND services.

Shout Out for SEND

The Youth Voice Champions

The Youth Voice Bucks team works very closely with the Youth Voice Champions.

Youth Voice Champions are colleagues from the Council and other organisations who lead on youth participation for their teams. They find opportunities for young people to help make things better and commit to offering these opportunities to young people. You can find out more by visiting our page on the Youth Voice Champions.

Youth Voice Champions

Our statement of purpose

We want you to share your views, ideas and thoughts with us because we believe that your voices will help us make Buckinghamshire the best place for young people to live. We are committed to creating and coordinating opportunities for you to have your say that are fun, well-organised, and meaningful. 

Our vision is that ‘all young people can realise their potential, whatever their starting point is’. When we say all young people, we really mean it. If you have a disability, need more support with your education, or are experiencing any kind of difficulty, we aim to offer you inclusive opportunities and support so you can have your voice heard.  

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Get support and contact us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Contact us

If you are worried about something, please visit our Help and Support page.

Help and support

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