Help at school

The Virtual School have a team of teachers and support workers to help schools give the best support they can to children and young people in care. Find out more below.

Some of your teachers will know you are in care. At least once a term, you, your carers, Social Workers, teachers and Virtual School staff will get together to make a plan called your Personal Education Plan (PEP). This can last until you are 18. This meeting is organised by the Virtual School. The most important people at the PEP meetings are you – Virtual School staff want to hear your views and understand what is good and tricky in your day to day school life.

How can The Virtual School help?

  • they can help fund school trips and some clubs
  • they can talk to your teachers if you are struggling with homework
  • if you need extra help in a subject they will support you
  • they can help when you move from primary to secondary school

What happens when you leave school?

You could go on to attend a sixth form in a school, go to college, go into an apprenticeship, training or employment. You might want to consider university in the future. Your Social Worker or Personal Advisor can help you apply for financial and other support.

For more information, visit The Virtual School online.

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