Bucks Youth Summit 2023 – The Space for Creative Thinking


The Space for Creative Thinking was at the back of the auditorium. It was hosted by Claire from Young Creative Bucks and Elle from the Wycombe Swan Theatre.
It included a washing line that became more and more eye-catching during the day as young people added colourful notecards to it. The space also had a counter with different activities on it including beads to put in jars, a question game, and colourful mind-mapping.
The young people that took part worked their way through the different activities on offer to share their ideas and feedback on the following topics:

  • Barriers to accessing creative opportunities for young people
  • What would young people like to see at a creative festival?
  • Jobs and salaries in the creative industries
Washing line with coloured card pegged to it
Girl putting a bead in one of 10 jars

What did young people say?

The Space for Creative Thinking was lively and insightful. Young Creative Bucks learned the following:

  • The main barriers to accessing creative opportunities for young people are confidence and mindset, rather than things like geography or finance implications.
  • At a creative festival, young people would most like to exhibit their own work (111 votes) and take part in / view theatre shows (92 votes).
  • Young people would like more creative competitions to take part in. Young people shared this was more about publicly displaying their work, rather than having the chance to win a prize.

2 colourful notecards on a washing line

origami boats

a hand-drawn colourful mindmap

So what?

Following the Bucks Youth Summit…

  • Young Creative Bucks have reached out to the four young people who expressed an interest in joining their youth forum. The Young Creative Bucks youth forum is a space for young people to share their ideas about creative opportunities while taking part in fun activities. If you are interested in joining, check out the webpage: Young Creative Bucks youth forum
  • (More info coming soon!)
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