Unfair exclusion

I have just been unfairly excluded from school and no one is listening to my side of the story. What can I do?

Bucks SEND IAS Service has information to help you understand when an exclusion or suspension is legal or not, and the process that schools have to follow.  You can visit the Bucks SEND IAS Service website for more information.

If you find it hard to explain your side of things, or if you feel that the school is not listening to what you have to say about the events leading to the exclusion or suspension, Bucks SEND IAS Service may be able to help.  We can work with you to help you get your views onto paper (or video or audio recording – whatever works best for you) and help you to share them with the school.  We may also be able to attend a meeting with you and the school to share your views.

Contact SEND IAS

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