Community Safety Survey 2023


Each year the Safer Buckinghamshire Board ask people about their community safety concerns for their area to help reduce crime. They want to hear from people living, studying and/or working in Buckinghamshire, including young people.

The Safer Buckinghamshire Board is the local community safety partnership that brings together experts from the police, fire service, probation, health and social care services.

This blog talks about how the Safer Buckinghamshire Board made sure they gathered young people’s views into the Community Safety Annual Survey 2023.

How did we listen, act and respond?


Community Safety colleagues worked with Youth Voice Bucks to develop a young people’s version of the Community Safety Survey on Mentimeter.
Mentimeter is a colourful, easy-to-use quiz tool that works well both on mobile and the computer.

Young people could have their say by completing the survey. It was made available on the Youth Voice Bucks website so any young person could take part. Adults at youth clubs and youth projects also encouraged and supported young people to complete the survey.
Young people could also fill in the adult version of the online Community Safety survey, or complete and return the printed version.

68 young people completed the young people’s survey!


In March 2024, the Safer Buckinghamshire Board will decide the partnership activities for the next 12 months to help reduce crime. These will be based on:

    • the responses to the young people’s Community Safety Survey
    • the responses to the adult Community Safety Survey and the printed version
    • a review of crime and community safety data



The Youth Voice Bucks team have added this blog to our website to keep the young people who took part updated on:

  • the survey results
  • the partnership activities that the Safer Buckinghamshire Board decides on, and
  • how your views have made a difference

What did young people say?

Key messages received from young people – coming soon!

You can see all of the responses to the survey by clicking the button below.

See all the responses as a PDF [2.8MB]

Impact and learning

Coming soon!

Any questions?

If you are interested in this project and have any questions, please email

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