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About Youth Concern

Youth Concern is an independent charity that supports 13-25 year olds across Aylesbury Vale.

While we’re open access, we specialise in supporting young people facing additional challenges.

Youth Concern’s Youth Panel, launching 2023


We want to hear and act upon youth voice to integrate young people further into what we do and how we do it.


  • Up to twelve 13-25 year olds including people who use Youth Concern’s services (Drop-in, counselling homelessness projects) and people who don’t (but live, work or study in Aylesbury Vale)
  • Being on the youth panel is a commitment: youth panellists commit for a year and are expected to attend at least four meetings (of six) per year
  • Also: 2-3 members of the Youth Concern team and guests by invitation.



  • Bimonthly meetings on Thursdays 6-8pm. Meetings will be in person (not virtual).
  • Youth Concern is happy to pay travel costs (eg bus fare) from within Aylesbury Vale
  • WhatsApp group for everyone to stay in touch between meetings



  • Youth panellists take turns to chair the meetings and take notes/actions
  • Meetings to be relaxed but purposeful
  • Discussion topics agreed in advance
  • Youth Concern to provide food


What will young people get from being part of the youth panel?

  • meet new people, build confidence, have your voice heard and acted upon
  • new experiences eg organising events/ surveys/ projects
  • training opportunities eg working with the media
  • get involved: opportunities eg helping interview new staff/trustees
  • experience for CV, mention during job interviews


How will Youth Concern benefit from having a youth panel?

  • direct involvement from young people in potential programmes, activities, marketing and communication plans, helping Youth Concern reach and engage more young people
  • speakers and volunteers for Youth Concern’s AGM, media opportunities, fundraising events


Application process

  • Three ‘find out more’ sessions in autumn 2022
  • Young people complete an application form (below) to apply to join the youth panel in January 2023. Completed application forms should be given to a member of the Youth Concern team or emailed to
  • In December, applicants will be interviewed, and the panel will be appointed
Flyer for info sessions

Information session flyer

The flyer says:

Youth Concern is for young people so we want young people more involved!

We’re looking for 13-25 year olds to join our youth panel from January 2023.

Find out more at our Drop-in Centre on Thursday 10 November, 6 – 7.30pm.

Book your place by email:

Or text or Whatsapp 07470 833500

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