Young Expert Citizens

Get paid to make change happen!

We are looking for young people who live in Buckinghamshire and want to make things better for other people in their community.

£12 p/h (Paid monthly, around £1,300 in total). Approx. 2 days a month. Feb – Sept 2024.

We are especially keen to hear from you if you:

  • are disabled, have a long-term health condition, and/or are neurodivergent
  • are care-experienced
  • are a young carer
  • have been in trouble with the police.

We want to hear from people aged 16-25 who have had difficult times and want to use their experiences to make change.

If you would like to be one of our Young Experts, please tell us about yourself using the link below.

Get in touch before Sunday 21st January 2024.

We will get back to you by Friday 26th January to let you know if we would like to chat to you more about the role and your interests. These conversations will be online or over the phone, later in January.

For more information or to apply, visit the CfEY website.

Visit the CfEY website

We are a team of researchers with experience working alongside young people, who work for an organisation called The Centre for Education and Youth.

You’ll work with us to research an issue or problem that has affected you and other people you know. Then you will meet with people in the local council to design a solution based on your research.

Find out more!

Whatsapp, call or email Abi – 07470346781,

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