Shout Out for SEND Reps

What do Shout Out Reps do?

Our Shout Out Reps speak for their school, college, friends and community.

They meet each month to share the views of young people with SEND in Buckinghamshire. Reps can join a Debate Club or Active Reps group, which happen in either Aylesbury or High Wycombe.

Any ideas our Shout Out Reps have for improving local SEND services are given to the people who make decisions at the council.

What young people say about their role as Shout Out Reps:

“The reason I like doing Shout Out Reps is it makes me feel like I am doing something good for the community, for Buckinghamshire. It makes me feel wholesome.”

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“With the experience you gain over learning and education, you can suggest some sort of change to happen, and that change can help. Whether it’s little or big ideas, they will contribute massively towards SEN kids, and with that help they will become bigger and brighter people.”

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“One of the most fun and engaging groups I think I have ever been a part of, with wonderful incentives and also great activity days.”

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If you would like to get involved and for upcoming dates, please email the Shout Out for  SEND team or see more info below!

Join us – become a Rep!

Do you want Buckinghamshire Council to hear your voice?

If you’re aged 12-25 and have a special educational need or disability, become a Rep! We want your ideas on how we can really help people like you.

In our groups we:

  • Talk about topics you’re interested in, such as school, work and hobbies
  • We have planned conferences, interviewed people and helped write big plans for the council
  • Meet new people and make new friends

We run two different groups:

  • Debate Club – In this group, we sit around a table and talk about what is important to us. If you like talking, this is the place for you!
  • Active Reps – In this group, we do activities based on a topic. This is for people who like to do things whilst speaking!

The Shout Out for SEND reps opportunity is part of our wider Shout Out for SEND programme. You can read more about Shout Out for SEND opportunities on our Shout Out for SEND page.

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