Lindengate Green Ambassador

What it means to be a Lindengate Green Ambassador

Green Ambassadors support Lindengate and Nature Alliance to promote nature and wellbeing in a range of ways. They bring people closer to nature-based organisations by sharing their direct experiences of the benefits of nature. This includes sharing inspiring stories and championing the impact of Lindengate’s programmes in conversation, through arts, and/or via websites and social media.

Green Ambassadors spend their time motivating Lindengate’s stakeholders and beneficiaries to increase youth participation and improve support for young people accessing our services.

Green Ambassadors will sometimes be involved with raising environmental awareness. For example, with support from our Communication and Fundraising Team, Green Ambassadors will reach out to the media.

They will also be involved in working strategically with public decision-makers, local forums, and other young representatives.


  • To improve the health and wellbeing of young people by helping them to find their true nature, purpose and place in this world
  • To increase youth participation and access to Lindengate’s education and employment opportunities, including short programmes and accredited programmes
  • To share their vision of participation in nature-based services, and be the change they wish to see in the world
  • To identify barriers to achieving their goals and source solutions
  • To research, identify and monitor the impact of decision-making
  • To influencing peers
  • To educate the public about environmental issues
  • To participate in local youth and environmental strategic groups

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How to become a Lindengate Green Ambassador

To find out more and register your interest, please email or talk to a member of the Lindengate team on 01296 622443.

Learn more about Lindengate

You can find out more about Lindengate and Nature Alliance at

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