Home Office Young People’s Board

The Home Office are looking for young people, aged 13-24, to join their Young People’s Board (YPB). The young people in the Home office YPG discuss and give their views on a range of migration, borders, and citizenship related issues that are important for them.

The purpose of the YPB is to:
• provide an opportunity for children and young people to be heard and contribute to longer-term progress and change
• help identify ways to strengthen Home Office policies, procedures, and practices
• enable the Home Office to deliver a child and young person-centred service

YPB members need to have personal experience of the Home Office – either directly or through family. YPB members are a mix of those settled here, with limited leave, outstanding applications, and children of people who have come to the UK. The Home Office also welcome those who have been victims of trafficking and have been supported by an independent child trafficking advocate or referred to the National Referral Mechanism.

The YPB meets for 1 hour every 8 weeks, either online, in-person, or as a hybrid event.


More information

You can read more about the opportunity in the YPB factsheet

Open the YPB factsheet


To express your interest

If you are interested in joining, please email YPB@homeoffice.gov.uk with the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Your age (you must be 13-24 to be eligible to join)
  • A short summary of why you are interested in joining the YPB
  • A short description of your experience of the Home Office (migration, borders, or citizenship)

The people that run the YPG are happy to speak to you more about the opportunity and answer any questions you might have.
You can email your questions to Charlotte at Charlotte.Muttock@homeoffice.gov.uk or send them to the mailbox YPB@homeoffice.gov.uk.




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