Article 12

About Article 12


What is Article 12?

Article 12 is a group of young people aged 11+ who attend monthly CAMHS Youth Forums to help develop and improve services at CAMHS. The purpose of Article 12 is to have the young person’s voice heard across CAMHS in order to improve mental health services for all young people in Buckinghamshire.

Who can join?

Anyone aged 11 – 19 who is passionate about mental health can join Article 12.


Article 12 have been involved in:

  • Redesigning clinic waiting rooms and gardens
  • Creating Emotional Wellbeing Standards for schools
  • Speaking in Parliament about mental health
  • Improving mental health services in Bucks


Get involved!

To get more involved or find out more, contact Roxy Uritescu, Participation Lead, at 07884754592,

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