The Adoption Team’s Young People’s Groups & Young People’s EXTRA

Young People’s Groups

The Adoption Team’s Young People’s Group is a chance for adopted young people to meet and get to know one another, while sharing their voice. The sessions include fun activities, thoughtful discussions where young people can share experiences, and opportunities to help shape services and improve things for adopted young people.

Young people that attend can be supported with topics such as relationships, mental and emotional wellbeing, and adoption-related issues. It is equally focussed on providing a space for young people to get on with one another and make relationships with peers in a supported environment.

The groups meet 3-4 times a year.

The 7-11 group made this painting and word cloud to reflect their last session!

The word cloud says:

  • come again
  • good
  • calm
  • love it
  • very fun
  • yes
  • Awesome
  • sign up now



painting that says
Wodcloud: come again, good, calm, love it, very fun, yes, awesome, sign up now


Young People’s EXTRA

The Adoption Team also run a newsletter for adopted young people called Young People’s Extra, which is all about young people sharing their views, feeling heard, and fostering a sense of community.

View Issue 01 of Young People’s Extra

View Issue 02 of Young People’s Extra


Find out more

To find out more about the groups and Young People’s Extra, contact the adoption team on


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